2095mm Wood Cutting Band Saw Blades - 2 Pack


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High Grade Steel, Primary Application Wood - thick cuts, Sharp ground teeth slice through the workpiece, producing a fine finish. (Wood cutting blades only)
Length 2095 mm
Fits DeWalt DW738, DW739 & EBS3401 & EBD3403 & EBS3501 & EBS3503

This part will fit the following models: DeWALT BS1310----A BANDSAW - Type 1, DeWALT BS1310----B BANDSAW - Type 1, DeWALT BS1310----D BANDSAW - Type 1, DeWALT BS9310----A BANDSAW - Type 1, DeWALT BS9310----B BANDSAW - Type 1, DeWALT BS9310----D BANDSAW - Type 1, DeWALT DW3401 BANDSAW - Type 1, DeWALT DW3501 BANDSAW - Type 1, DeWALT DW738 BANDSAW - Type 1, DeWALT DW738 BANDSAW - Type 2, DeWALT DW738 BANDSAW - Type 3, DeWALT DW739 BANDSAW - Type 1, DeWALT DW739 BANDSAW - Type 2, DeWALT DW739 BANDSAW - Type 3, Elu EBS3401---A BANDSAW - Type 1, Elu EBS3401---B BANDSAW - Type 1, Elu EBS3403---A BANDSAW - Type 1, Elu EBS3403---B BANDSAW - Type 1, Elu EBS3501---A BANDSAW - Type 1, Elu EBS3501---B BANDSAW - Type 1, Elu EBS3503---A BANDSAW - Type 1, Elu EBS3503---B BANDSAW - Type 1, 

These are heavy duty, durable, commercial Grade band saw blades for industrial, woodworking, DIY and professional Craftsmen
Tooth Hardness: 62-63rc Back Hardness: 28-32rc


  • Package with 2 Pack Blades

The product is easy installation and easy handling
The product is easy to use and highly durable
For Wood,Plywood,Composition board,Cork,Plastic,Aluminium,Non-ferrous metals,Low alloy steel.

A general purpose wood cutting bandsaw blade.
Will fit, Delta ect.

Width Of Blade:
For straight cutting ( Ripping ) a wide blade should be used so as to help keep a straight line e.g. 5/8" or above.
For Curved cutting ( Scrolling ) a narrow blade should be used e.g. 1/4" or 3/8".
T.P.I Of Blade:
Having the correct number of teeth Per Inch for the thickness of material you are cutting is just as important as having the correct width of blade.
The general rule for this is to have NO LESS THAN 2 TEETH IN THE CUT and NO MORE THAN 10 TEETH IN THE CUT.

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