Planer Jointer Knives Setting Jig


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Extend the life of your planer jointer knives and improve finish quality with our easy-to-use knife setting jig.

Knives Changes on Your Planer & Jointer are a Snap With Our Knife-Setting Jig!

This Planer & Jointer Knife-setting jig makes it easy to install and set planer and jointer knives quickly and accurately. The jig uses powerful magnets to hold planer or jointer knives in perfect position, freeing-up both hands while you tighten the gib nuts. Our Planer & Jointer Knife jig also allows you to shift nicked knives while maintaining accuracy to within +/- .002" across the length of your knife. Sets knives from 4" to 24" long on any conventional cutter head that measures 2.5" - 5" in diameter. Works with carbide and high-speed steel (HSS) knives. A great investment that will extend the life of your knives and improve the quality of cut.

Features include:

  • Works on Planers & Jointers with 2.5"-5"-diameter cutter head
  • Set knives from 4" to 24" long
  • Strong magnets hold carbide or HSS Knives
  • Set knives parallel to table within +/- .002" across their length
  • Includes two jigs, sturdy carry case, and complete instructions

Uses in the Shop:

  • Maintains accuracy and set of knives for making square, smooth cuts
  • Allows you to realign knives to eliminate grooves from knicked knives

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